Live. Virtual. Hybrid. Whatever's next.  


Our approach

Our programs are designed to build fundamental human skills - connecting, communicating, operating, navigating and managing in complex environments through times of complex change. 

  • Interactive
  • Dialogue based
  • Highly engaging

Programs can be scaled from 60 minutes to a full day or multi-session learning programs, and can be delivered live or over the virtual platform of your choice. 




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For Sales

Adaptive Intelligence for Sales

Sales Reps, Sales Leaders, Customer Service

Flexing in the conversation to connect and engage


Sales Reps, Key Account Managers

Deepen the engagement through a win-win approach


Executive Engagement for Key Account Managers

Senior Leaders, Key Influencers

Align and connect with customers in a complex environment

Presentation in a Hybrid World

Sales Reps, Sales Leaders

Read the room and engage with confidence no matter what 'unknowns' you're facing


Sales Reps, Account Managers

Frame your message to win trust and inspire action


1:1 Presentation Coaching for Sales

Sales Reps, Sales Leaders

Individual attention to clarify message and boost presence.

For New Managers

Managing Distributed Teams

Emerging Leaders, Senior IC's

Understanding needs to flex your manager style and engage your team

Building a Feedback Culture

Managers, Leaders

Moving from "Nice" to "Honest" (while still showing care.) 


Strategic Problem Solving

New Leaders, Managers

Speeding ideation and decision making

For Organizational Leaders

Leading through ambiguity

Leaders, Senior Leaders

Creating clear direction & removing barriers for action in times of uncertainty

Leading Inclusion

Leaders, Senior Contributors

Taking accountability for an experience of belonging


Storytelling for Alignment

Senior Leaders, Key Influencers

Translate vision to action through context and framing


Leaders, Managers

Empower the next generation of leaders

Presentation in a Hybrid World

For Leaders

Read the room and engage with confidence no matter what 'unknowns' you're facing


For Leaders

Frame your message to win trust and inspire action


1:1 Presentation Coaching for Leaders

For leaders

Individual attention to clarify message and boost presence.

Other Offerings

Growth Mindset

Teams, Leadership Teams

Becoming a learning organization where experimentation is encouraged


Practicing Resilience

Teams, Leadership Teams

Building flexibility for the long haul by strengthening personal and group practices

The Improv Experience

Teams, Cross-functional teams

More fun, less learning - get to know each other in a fun, challenging series of activities



Project teams, Client teams

Facilitated strategic ideation session structured for abundance of ideas with equity of voices


PlayBack LAB

Marketing Teams, Super Users, Consumer Focus Groups

A combination of insight gathering and bold ideation using professional improvisers and your consumer or employee focus group


Core Capabilities


Custom Programs

Hack, stack or unpack!
Fully customize your program. 

Programs are built upon activities and skills in core capabilities like Connecting to Others or Creative Problem Solving. We can combine and extend key skills to meet your learning needs. 


With these modular, adaptable program elements, you can design anything:

Mindful Self Awareness
+ Creative Problem Solving

Inclusive Collaboration
+ Connecting to Others 

Adaptive Storytelling
+ Decision Making
+ Adaptive leadership
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