Adaptability training for Leaders, Teams, Sales

                                      We help teams, leaders and sales move faster and stay engaged when the shift hits the fan.


                                      Professional Development  that unleashes the power to adapt.


                                      The speed of change can cause fear, exhaustion and burnout.

                                      Humans are the most adaptable species on the planet. Yet, humans resist change because it's hard. And scary. On top of this, organizations may be unknowingly creating barriers for adapting. 

                                      If you want your next strategic pivot to succeed, you'll need to build skills and mindsets for flexible, high performance teams ready for anything and everything (and usually all happening at once.) 


                                      Workshops, Keynotes, Experiential Sessions and Multi-Session Programs 

                                      We work closely with you to design and deliver learning programs that build adaptability to make sure your key initiatives soar.


                                      Teams that are resilient and collaborative.

                                      Team Assessment
                                      Collaborative Problem Solving
                                      Inclusive Climate
                                      Emotional Intelligence


                                      Leaders that create a safe climate for teams to take risks and grow

                                      Providing Feedback
                                      Driving Ingenuity
                                      Modeling Empathy


                                      Sales reps who know how to translate pre-call preparation into pivotal moments

                                      Impactful Presentations
                                      Challenging through Inquiry
                                      Hybrid (Virtual/Live) Selling

                                      Your information was so relevant, your delivery so interactive, your topic so idea-sparking. Your session felt more personal than in-person.
                                      Center for Brain Health, The University of Texas at Dallas
                                      We had so much fun as a team the training time flew by! We have learned new tools and as a result, our team is having more conscious and connected conversations, internally and externally. We especially valued learning how to improve our virtual communication with customers and prospects. We highly recommend the training with Fairplay Communication.
                                      Karen Brennan
                                      Director Sales and Marketing



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