Live and Live Online Programs

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Experiential learning programs designed to  Impact Behavior and Shift Mindsets when it comes to working together

Soft skills are hard to build, hard to sustain and hard to learn from an ap. These live and live online programs are calibrated to make the most of your come-together learning time when you need to build skills in feedback, collaborative selling, presenting and more.

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Your sales summit is a disaster waiting to happen (but there’s still time to fix it)

There are many moving parts leading up to a sales summit and, let’s face it, most of them are other people doing their...

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What have we learned here?

Does this sound familiar? After spending countless hours and dollars putting on an event, the attendees barely walk...

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Suffering from Post Collaboration Project Disorder?

Picture this: You’re sitting in class, the teacher has finished the lesson, and you just have to get the details of...