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Our approach

Our programs are flexible and designed around  the way you work and learn best.  But, we admit we have a bias for fun, fast and active: 
  • Interactive
  • Dialogue based
  • Highly engaging

Programs can be scaled for groups of 10 to 10,000 and from sixty minutes to a full year. 

Get laser focused on a crucial skill. Stack programs together in creative ways to address your emerging challenges. Or work with our Designers to create something completely new. 

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Three ways to engage



Build fundamental skills in adapting and collaborating


Make or break moments

Apply skills in the critical moments your leaders and sales teams face every day


Training Stacks

Fully customizable learning sequences to help you build capabilities and change mindsets over time



Fairplay Website Programs IconDo you want to strengthen foundational skills that help folks perform better through change?

These eight core skills are the key to being adaptable and collaborative. They are the building blocks of everything we do! These programs are a great place to start. 


Sample Topics:
Connecting: Building Trust
Self-Awareness: Emotional Intelligence
Growth Mindset: Resilience Through Failure
Storytelling: The Power of Story
Adaptive Leadership: Leading Through Change

And more

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Programs can be live or virtual and can scale from 60 minutes to a full day. 


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Make or Break moments


Strengthen situational skills

Do you need your leaders or sales teams to build flexibility in the way they approach the critical situations they navigate every day?

Practice and apply skills in your most pivotal moments. These programs focus on building situational awareness and real-world strategies for performing better through complex changing circumstances. 

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Coaching Growth

Making every coaching conversation count. 

Giving and receiving feedback

Making feedback an everyday occurence. 

Breakthrough 1:1s

Build culture and resilience one conversation at a time. 

Make or Break Inclusion Moments

Addressing bias behaviors and impacting the experience of belonging. 

Meeting Management

Make the most of your time together by resetting norms and flexing for different needs. 

Innovation in the face of change

Use disruption as inspiration for bold new ideas and new opportunities. 

Connecting Hybrid Teams

Manage the distance and drive team collaboration. 

Setting Prioities

Focus on what matters to simplify the path forward for your team. 

Managing Conflict

Drive a climate of productive discourse and gain techniques for diffusing conflict.



Tactics and practice to help you move from Win - Lose to Win - Win.

Objection handling

Turn objections and issues into opportunities to show deep understanding of your client's needs.

Telling the Product Story

Build focus and flexibility in making your product story relevant - and pivot as your product evolves.

Adaptive Selling

Focus on the flex - how to be adaptable and responsive in pre-call planning and in client conversations. 

Asking Better Questions

Great questions show care, position you as an insightful partner and can even drive customer behavior. 

Internal Collaboration

Connect (with) the many moving parts in your complex organization to create the best customer experience. 

Self Motivation

Build resilience, snap back from rejection and strengthen your positive, action-oriented mindset.

Pitching & Presenting

Shift your focus to your audience, quickly read the room and learn to confidently adjust the message on the fly. 

Insight Building for Key Account Managers

Align your key message with a deep, insightful understanding of customer pain points.


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Fairplay Website Programs Icon (3)Do you need to drive deep mindset and behavior change?

Stack programs together in a customized sequence built around your learners and your industry.

Extend programs with coaching, reflection assignments, leadership check-ins, field observation, and more!

We start with our Skillshot and Make or Break Moments programs as a foundation and co-create a sequence to address your biggest training priorities.



training stacks

Recent Training Stack Client Examples

Build Client Acumen for an Executive Recruiting Company

Build client management acumen for experienced recruiters and upskill around choice-navigation techniques. 


Build Emerging Leaders for a National Hotel Chain

Plug into an emerging leaders program to foster a growth mindset, build adaptive leadership skills and coach individual presence & presentation. 


Help Sales Leaders at a Biopharma Company Unleash their New Ways of Working

Provide skill-building sessions at a leadership summit - customized to the company's new Ways of Working and aligned with a cultural initiative around Speed of Trust. 



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How we customize

With modular, adaptable program elements, our designs are fast and flexible. 

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Programs are built upon activities and skills in core capabilities like Connecting to Others or Creative Problem Solving. Think of them like building blocks; endlessly adaptable.

We can hack, stack or further unpack elements based on your learning objectives and group. 

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