Live. Virtual. Hybrid.
Whatever's next.  


Our approach

Our programs are flexible and designed around  the way you work and learn best.  But, we admit we have a bias for fun, fast and active: 
  • Interactive
  • Dialogue based
  • Highly engaging

Programs can be scaled for groups of 10 to 10,000 and from sixty minutes to a full year. 

Get laser focused on a crucial skill. Stack programs together in creative ways to address your emerging challenges. Or work with our Designers to create something completely new. 

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Programs - Retune to Work


two ways to build your learning journey


Adaptable Courses

Thoughtfully designed offerings for your most pivotal moments


Custom Workshops

Stack, adapt or create from scratch to meet the moment you're in


Instructor-led, Live or Virtual

We'll work the way you're working: Remote, in person, whatever's next (robot avatars?)

Typically 90 minutes to two hours

Programs can be customized from a 45-minute Keynote Style delivery to a half-day event. 

Stack them together for a customized experience.

Create your own full or multi-day journey by sequencing courses together. 


For Leaders and Managers

Great leadership is grounded in adaptable skills that meet the moment.

For Sales Teams

Engaging programs strong enough for your most skeptical sales reps


For Teams

Build your sense of team while focusing on core skills. 

Presentation Skills

Become a more adaptable, confident speaker and storyteller in any situation


Individual Performance

Build self-awareness, confidence and cohesion. 


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Three ways to customize your program:

  1. Stack programs together in a customized sequence
  2. Extend any session with custom content for your particular learning journey
  3. Create from scratch
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Sample customization

program stack for new managers

Program Goal: Help new managers create a network of their peers while building core skills that they can apply situationally. 

Key Requests:

  • This company is going through a massive restructuring, so the makeup of teams has changed and everybody is facing a lot of change.
  • There is a cultural initiative around 'coaching' as a structure to drive performance and goal setting
  • Many of these managers tend to work in siloes, so building a sense of collaboration between them is important.
Sample Program Stack


Build client acumen for an executive recruiting firm

Coming out of the pandemic, this recruiting firm needed to separate itself from the pack of competitors.

We collaborated to uncover the key skills that would distinguish their recruiters as smart, consultative partners and delivered training programs that connected all the dots. 


Build Emerging Leaders for a National Hotel Chain

This hotel chain was updating its popular six-month leadership development program. We worked with them to deepen content at the beginning and the end of the series. Together, we devised custom sessions on Growth Mindset and Presence & Presentation that also created a sense of team for each tight-knit cohort.

Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting

Help Sales Leaders Unleash New Ways of Working

This global pharma company had launched new Ways of Working and needed sales leaders to understand and align on what great looked like. Our dynamic custom program connected the Ways of Working to behaviors and mindsets leaders could name and practice daily. 

Person addressing a crowd


How we customize

These five core skills are the building blocks of everything we do.

Our ongoing design and research in these areas allows us to customize quickly. (Bonus: These are also the skills that help us flex to your ways of working, not the other way around.)

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