Live & virtual keynotes and workshops


                                      Engage to Learn

                                      To prepare folks for the unscripted moments, you have to step away from the PowerPoint. 

                                      Our live, instructor-led sessions are experiential, thought-provoking and utterly engaging. You can't practice being adaptable in passive mode. 

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                                      Foster an improvisational mindset to help folks brave the messy, sometimes scary, always humbling practice of adapting


                                      Build mindful awareness of self and others through experiential activities in a positive, encouraging environment

                                      Research Based

                                      Break down the science of what gets in the way so that everybody understands the why and how


                                      Laser focus on the Pivotal Moments that define your culture or customer experience

                                      Programs for Leaders, Sales and Teams

                                      Programs range from 60-minute Keynote format to 2- hour interactive sessions.
                                      Live or Virtual
                                      Programs can be linked, combined or customized. 

                                      Programs for Leaders

                                      Leaders who flex with their team, encourage adaptability and remove barriers for getting things done. 

                                      Leading Adatpability

                                      Creating the Climate for Adaptation

                                      • How leaders can make or break adaptability
                                      • Encouraging risk by lowering the stakes for trial and error
                                      • Using feedback to build creative problem solving capabilities
                                      • Fostering open, honest communication

                                      Situational Leadership

                                      Situational Leadership

                                      • Understanding the needs of the moment
                                      • Recognizing individual motivators to make the most of coaching
                                      • Being open to feedback
                                      • Recognizing your biases, barriers and triggers

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                                      Breakthrough Meetings

                                      • Creating space for ideas to flourish
                                      • Managing difficult personalities
                                      • Tricks for making meetings productive
                                      • Monitoring the airtime so that everybody can participate

                                      Programs for Sales

                                      Sales reps who can nail their story in pre-call prep and then pivot in the moment to adapt in changing circumstances.

                                      Data Pushers

                                      From Data Pushers to Storytellers

                                      • Focusing on key messages
                                      • Guiding attention with visuals
                                      • Reframing complex data 
                                      • Engaging with Hook, Context and Inquiry
                                      • Adapting to objections

                                      High Stakes Presentation

                                      The High Stakes Presentation

                                      • Reading the Room
                                      • Making the most of voice and physicality
                                      • Connecting with tough audiences
                                      • Pivoting gracefully
                                      • Maintaining a confident presence

                                      Virtual Selling

                                      Virtual & Hybrid Selling

                                      • Adapting to technical difficulties
                                      • Shrinking the room for virtual audiences
                                      • Adjusting physicality and eye line
                                      • Sharing focus with live and virtual attendees
                                      • Redirecting disruptive behaviors

                                      Programs for Teams

                                      Teams that collaborate through changing circumstances without missing a beat. 

                                      Mindset for Growth

                                      Embracing Change: Group Mindset for Growth

                                      • Building a mindset for change
                                      • Flexing beyond your 'role'
                                      • Staying confident through ambiguity
                                      • Supporting one another
                                      • Quick problem solving

                                      Innovation Toolkit

                                      Innovation Toolkit

                                      • Mastering 'yes, and' thinking for innovation
                                      • Encouraging trial and error
                                      • Tools for divergent and convergent thinking
                                      • Using fast feedback to iterate and adjust


                                      Quick Collaboration

                                      • Understand how individual behaviors impact team dynamics
                                      • Practice strategies for working with different work styles
                                      • Recognize how personal biases inhibit collaboration

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                                      All professional development programs can be customized or extended for your unique challenges and group. 

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