Retune to Work

Create a sense of connection for your team, no matter how far flung you are.
Programs - Retune to Work


Build community, faster

a chance for folks to learn about each other (without making everybody "Return to work" the way they did before.) 

Don't just recreate the interpersonal connections you had as a team before the pandemic; make something better. Take your team farther, faster, when they come together. Retune to Work is a powerful facilitated team building session that is experiential, fun and effective at creating deep new connections quickly. 

  • Create a foundation of connected communication (empathy, skillful listening, trust)
  • Practice collaborating in the face of change
  • Learn about preferences in work style and appreciate the diversity of backgrounds within the group
  • Build the rapport to help support each other and the safety to turn to each other as valued resources

Sessions can be delivered live or virtually and can scale from 90 minutes to a full day. 


Typical Program Flow:

  • Introduction & Context
  • Warm Up Activity
  • Foundation for Communication: Listening to Understand with the LAB approach
  • Telling & Hearing Each Others Story
  • Collaboration Challenge - Appreciating different approaches
  • Mini PivotLab: Co-Creating the New Rules for Collaboration
  • Paired Debrief & Reflection
  • Closing and Questions

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