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Build the kind of leaders people want to work for

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Empower leaders to inspire performance

Our programs help talented individuals make the leap from contributor to manager, making an impact by fostering collaboration, communicating clearly and telling the strategy story.

For leadership moving through change, we build skills to inspire the culture and align everybody behind a singular direction. 

I always thought coaching was just teaching someone, but realizing that it is actually a lot more than that! It's listening, asking questions and really understanding the person's goals.

- Session participant, Coach Approach Program


Empower Leaders

Programs For leaders and managers

Live or Live Online  |  90 Minutes  |  Can be stacked together or extended for a customized sequence


Three ways to customize your program:

  1. Stack programs together in a customized sequence
  2. Extend any session with custom content for your particular learning journey
  3. Craft a new program with the Fairplay creative team.

🛠️ Learn more about our custom design process. 

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