Programs for Sales Teams

Reps and account managers who move beyond the monologue

Engaging programs strong enough for your most skeptical sales reps

From-day-one skills for effective sales conversations through the most intricate account relationships, we help reps and account managers strengthen the relational skills that move the moment forward. 

It was wonderful to meet you and participate in your amazing program.  Your facilitators are top notch and really adapted to the room.  The engagement level was incredible, and the discussion hearty.


Enabling sales teams with relational skills

PROGRAMS For Sales Teams

Live or Live Online  |  90 Minutes  |  Can be stacked together or extended for a customized sequence


Three ways to customize your program:

  1. Stack programs together in a customized sequence
  2. Extend any session with custom content for your particular learning journey
  3. Craft a new program with the Fairplay creative team.

🛠️ Learn more about our custom design process. 

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