Programs for Individual Performance

Upshift your presence, poise and performance in the face of change and challenges


Build the core skills for collaboration 

Team performance only grows when each person's self-awareness, clear communication and ability to stay productive in the face of change grow. 

These programs work well for cross-functional or open-enrollment groups looking to build fundamental skills for overcoming barriers to great performance. 

The personal takeaway for me was encouraging me to listen and not be the first to speak. As someone who's more extroverted, I tend to be the first to speak. I was really able to put into practice pausing and letting other people say things first before jumping in. 

- Session participant, D'Vinci Interactive

A man listening with open body language.

Programs to build Individual Performance

Live or Live Online  |  90 Minutes  |  Can be stacked together or extended for a customized sequence


Three ways to customize your program:

  1. Stack programs together in a customized sequence
  2. Extend any session with custom content for your particular learning journey
  3. Craft a new program with the Fairplay creative team.

🛠️ Learn more about our custom design process. 

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