How We Customize

When even your 'learning in a box' needs to be out of the box

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Let's collaborate on your next great learning program. 

We see the world through a lens of what's possible when people collaborate better, and that's how we create with you, too.

  1. Stack any of our current programs together in a customized sequence. 🔎 View current program menu.

  2. Extend any program session with custom content for your particular learning journey

  3. Design a new program with the Fairplay creative team.

Team Asessment


Build client acumen for an executive recruiting firm

Coming out of the pandemic, this recruiting firm needed to separate itself from the pack of competitors.

We collaborated to uncover the key skills that would distinguish their recruiters as smart, consultative partners and delivered training programs that connected all the dots. 


Build Emerging Leaders for a National Hotel Chain

This hotel chain was updating its popular six-month leadership development program. We worked with them to deepen content at the beginning and the end of the series. Together, we devised custom sessions on Growth Mindset and Presence & Presentation that also created a sense of team for each tight-knit cohort.

Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting

Help Sales Leaders Unleash New Ways of Working

This global pharma company had launched new Ways of Working and needed sales leaders to understand and align on what great looked like. Our dynamic custom program connected the Ways of Working to behaviors and mindsets leaders could name and practice daily. 

Person addressing a crowd

Live and live-online programs designed to move the needle on your business challenges

Like any great conversation, our custom design process begins with listening. What's the problem you're tackling?

  • Blended cultures coming together after a reorganization
  • Sales teams that need to practice and gain confidence in new product language
  • New managers who need to understand and model company values
  • A disperesed remote team needs to build their cross-functional enterprise mindset
  • A fast-moving company needs to build trust and an inclusive culture without sacrificing velocity
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program stack for new managers


Goal: Help a group of new managers deepen their peer network while building core skills that they can apply situationally. 


  • These managers are often leading former peers and lack confidence and credibility
  • There is a cultural initiative around 'ongoing feedback'
  • Functions tend to work in siloes, so building collaboration is important

Format: Five 75-minute live-online sessions over the course of a month

 Session 1: custom Kickoff
 Session 2: Leading inclusive collaboration 
 session 3: GIving and Receiving Feedback 
 session 4: Problem Solving Styles 
session 5: custom debrief & Peer Coaching Structure 


program stack for blended teams


Goal: Build a unified culture after a merger. Two different teams from different company cultures are now working closely together.


  • This company is going through a massive restructuring, so the makeup of teams has changed and everybody is facing a lot of change
  • Recent employee engagement surveys show trust at an all-time-low

Format: One day of in-person learning. 

🔍 View Detailed Program Overview

 custom Kickoff
 psychological safety 
 mindsets of change 
 custom sequence: naming our new ways of working 
 Custom program close & personal commitments



Our Building Blocks

Collaboration connects individual performance to team results. We break it down into four key areas of capability.

  1. Mindset Management
  2. Connected Communication
  3. Adaptability
  4. Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
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