Live Events

Engaging, interactive keynotes and large group workshops for summits, kickoffs and yearly meetings


Event programming that turns learning into engagement

When you invest in bringing a large group together, you need to make the most of every minute. Turn keynotes into key learning moments, whether you are looking for turn-key topics like Enterprise Mindset or Adaptability or looking for something completely customized. 



Programs for Live Events

Interactive keynotes can scale from 45-90 minutes, or can be split into a 60-minute Keynote followed by an interactive workshop to go deeper into the topic in smaller, discussion-based groups.

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Sample Program: Empowering Inclusion

These keynotes are interactive and experiential. Participants aren't passive - they are interacting and experiencing a healthy dose of peer networking to build new relationships while they build new perspectives. 



Three ways to customize your program:

  1. Stack programs together in a customized sequence
  2. Extend any session with custom content for your particular learning journey
  3. Craft a new program with the Fairplay creative team.

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