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I did NOT see that coming! Lessons on starting a small business during a time of extreme upheaval.

Late last year I approached my now business partner Andy with an idea for a new business. One driven by a specific purpose of helping organizations communicate more effectively by empowering all voices. We had been doing some adjacent work for our...

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5 min read

An improviser’s advice for dealing with rough, very bad, extremely disruptive change.

I’m a comedian and an improviser by training, but I am struggling to laugh right now. I don’t have a Bright Side filter for a pandemic.  I wake up thinking “Everything is terrible.” I’ve become a rotten pessimist, collecting evidence for that life view...

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2 min read

Moving from a SHUT UP to SPEAK UP Culture

Nobody thinks they are spinning a ‘shut up’ culture. We say “Tell me anything!” But then, when people do, it’s never at the right time or what we want to hear and we find subtle ways to shut them down: Ignored e-mails. Heightened negative reactions to...

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