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3 min read

I did NOT see that coming! Lessons on starting a small business during a time of extreme upheaval.

Late last year I approached my now business partner Andy with an idea for a new business. One driven by a specific purpose of helping organizations communicate more effectively by empowering all voices. We had been doing some adjacent work for our...

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5 min read

An improviser’s advice for dealing with rough, very bad, extremely disruptive change.

I’m a comedian and an improviser by training, but I am struggling to laugh right now. I don’t have a Bright Side filter for a pandemic.  I wake up...

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2 min read

Moving from a SHUT UP to SPEAK UP Culture

Nobody thinks they are spinning a ‘shut up’ culture. We say “Tell me anything!” But then, when people do, it’s never at the right time or what we...

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