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                                      Scott Zoll

                                      Tales from the Frontline: Recognizing and Reacting to the Pivotal Moment

                                      I’ve been in sales my entire career. Almost 25 years of cold calling, appointment setting, airplanes, hotels, corporate lobbies, presentations, lunches, contracting and procurement discussions and on and on. I’ve experienced great victories and stinging defeat. One immutable truth about selling (and life) is that there’s always another lesson to learn. No matter how prepared, experienced or confident we may be, there are always unexpected curves thrown our way that we must contend with. How we respond to those challenges often determines whether we hit or miss our mark.

                                      I did NOT see that coming! Lessons on starting a small business during a time of extreme upheaval.

                                      Late last year I approached my now business partner Andy with an idea for a new business. One...