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Events that don't suck (the enthusiasm out of your team)

You're putting time and money at risk to bring everyone together for a kickoff, right? Are you sure your learning is going to sink in or is your money going down the drain? The good news is we can help with keynotes and breakouts that drive performance.



Ditch the lectures, get people to practice the skills that you want them to walk away with

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Moves the Needle

Focus on critical skills to drive performance during make or beak moments



Avoid the snoozefest. The most learning happens when people are having fun


Kick a** Keynotes

That won't put people to sleep

We have a snore free guarantee. 
Customize it to your event themes. 

Recent hit: Feed the Flex - How to thrive through all the wild shift coming your way

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Bada** Breakouts

for unforgetable learning

Active and engaging? ✔️

Experiential practice for skill building? ✔️

Builds relationships while you shift behaviors? ✔️

Death by PowerPoint? 🙅 Not a chance.


But that's not all...

There are other ways we can help make sure your kickoff goes off without a hitch.


We partner with your internal speakers for your next event to help them craft their message and rock their delivery. Safe, supportive and completely aligned with your event's theme and tone.

event speaker




In order for your event to be successful you need to keep the energy up between sessions. Let us be the connective tissue that brings all the parts together. Our seasoned emcees weave humor and insight and extend your key messaging to make sure that everyone stays engaged from start to finish. 

When you're ready to take your event content into unexplored territory, we're already there. Waiting for you. 

  • Panel moderation
  • Creative Q&A
  • Event debrief activities
  • Custom Game Shows
  • Performed scenarios (comedic...or not)
  • Creative session communications
  • Off the rails team building activities


"I have attended countless leadership development events throughout my 16 years with the Progressive, but Fairplay certainly left a lasting impression on me unlike any other. The content was extremely relevant to us but the dynamic way it was delivered is what brought everything to life! I just thought it was an interesting approach to marry the improv world with the leadership development content, and it just WORKED!"

Session Attendee - Progressive Insurance


It's your last chance!

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