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                                      Andrew Eninger

                                      Reflections From ATD 2021: What We Saw, What We Learned & What We're Carrying With Us

                                      ATD 2021 in Salt Lake City was, above all, tons of fun. Even with a somewhat smaller number of attendees than normal due to the Delta variant, we still managed to pack our three days in with great sessions, great conversations, some long-overdue face time with old friends, some new friends and a deluge of insights we are taking with us into the fall and 2022.

                                      An improviser’s advice for dealing with rough, very bad, extremely disruptive change.

                                      I’m a comedian and an improviser by training, but I am struggling to laugh right now. I don’t...

                                      Moving from a SHUT UP to SPEAK UP Culture

                                      Nobody thinks they are spinning a ‘shut up’ culture. We say “Tell me anything!” But then, when...