Andrew Eninger

Andy is a writer, comedian, trainer and co-founder of Fairplay Communications. He specializes in helping leaders and teams be more adaptable so they can get to the good stuff faster.

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3 min read

Retune to Work

Remember when companies were making grand guesses about when and what the ‘return to work’ would look like? Then they moved those dates and changed those plans as COVID19 got creative and worked through its alphabet of variants? Now, there’s...

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Checking In vs Checking Up On

1 min read

Checking In versus checking up on

Now, more than ever folks need the flexibility to handle whatever's next. The bad news is, there's a lot that gets in the way of being able to pivot...

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2 min read

ATD 2021 Reflections: What We Saw, Learned, and Takeaways

ATD 2021 in Salt Lake City was, above all, tons of fun. Even with a somewhat smaller number of attendees than normal due to the Delta variant, we...

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5 min read

An improviser’s advice for dealing with rough, very bad, extremely disruptive change.

I’m a comedian and an improviser by training, but I am struggling to laugh right now. I don’t have a Bright Side filter for a pandemic. I wake up...

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2 min read

Moving from a SHUT UP to SPEAK UP Culture

Nobody thinks they are spinning a ‘shut up’ culture. We say “Tell me anything!” But then, when people do, it’s never at the right time or what we...

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