– February 3rd, 1PM CT –

                                      Scared Scriptless

                                      How To Be More Adaptable When the Shift Hits the Fan

                                      Live Webinar |  60  Minutes

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                                      scared scriptless


                                      If you’re not practicing being adaptable every day, it’s harder to move fast when things change. Even worse, if you’re not fostering your own adaptability as a leader, you might unknowingly undermine your team’s ability to flex when it matters most. In this session, you’ll learn the science behind adaptability, why it matters and ways you can prepare now to navigate the wild shift that’s coming your way.

                                      Join us on Thursday, February 3rd at 1PM CT for this live, interactive webinar!

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                                      About the Presenter

                                      Andy Eninger (Founder, Fairplay Communications) is a speaker, performer and adaptability whisperer.  Starting off as an IT guy, he changed course to become a professional improviser and then Head of the Writing Program for the famed Second City theater. He pivoted again to design and deliver learning experiences for hundreds of organizations in Inclusion, Innovation and Change. He brings a unique perspective into how individuals can unleash their natural ability to adapt and how organizations can stop getting in their way.