– May 18th 2022 @ 1PM CT –

Retune to Work

Don't just go back when you need to move forward

Live Webinar |  60  Minutes


Retune to Work (1)



Don't go back, go forward!

As folks return to work, there's no going back to some mythical 'normal.' Instead, use this as a fresh start to reinvent the way you work in a way that works for everybody.

  • Recognize and adapt to new ways of working
  • Open your lens on what 'productivity' looks like
  • Create a sense of closeness and community without the need to be 'in person'
  • Co-create your new norms so that everybody has a voice
  • Learn the secret for creating ice-breakers that deepen psychological safety

And walk away with tactics you can use right now to nudge folks from a 'return' mindset into a 'retune' way of thinking and working.

Andy Meeting


About the Presenter

Andy Eninger (Founder, Fairplay Communications) is a speaker, performer and adaptability whisperer.  Starting off as an IT guy, he changed course to become a professional improviser and then Head of the Writing Program for the famed Second City theater. He pivoted again to design and deliver learning experiences for hundreds of organizations in Inclusion, Innovation and Change. He brings a unique perspective into how individuals can unleash their natural ability to adapt and how organizations can stop getting in their way.