Build the skills folks need to perform better through change, disruption, return to work, all the 'Oh Shift!' moments

While building a culture that supports every voice. 

Experiential Skill Building Programs for Leaders, Managers, Sales Teams and Teams

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Your information was so relevant, your delivery so interactive, your topic so idea-sparking. Your session felt more personal than in-person.
Center for Brain Health, The University of Texas at Dallas
We had so much fun as a team the training time flew by! We have learned new tools and as a result, our team is having more conscious and connected conversations, internally and externally. We especially valued learning how to improve our virtual communication with customers and prospects. We highly recommend the training with Fairplay Communication.
Karen Brennan
Director Sales and Marketing

Today's learning leaders are strategic partners who tackle retention, engagement and business challenges (while also building critical skills.)

We specialize in fast-paced, instructor-led learning programs that create a safe space for growth & dialogue. 

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A different approach to learning

High Stakes Presentation

With improv in our DNA, we approach the design and delivery process with creativity and flexibility.

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Build culture while you build skills

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Folks get to know each other in a positive, encouraging space that breaks down siloes and increases collaboration. 


Rooted in your world

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We design programs to fit you and your world, not the other way around. 

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Hook, Line & Stinker: How bad storytelling can sink great learning programs.

Everybody knows that great storytelling can make a learning experience more impactful and engaging. Be our guest for this short, sharp, interactive Webinar and make sure your stories are watertight.

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